High-Performance Computing

MANA is the University of Hawaii's high performance computing (HPC) cluster – a collection of many computers called nodes connected together with a network – that solves computational problems too large for standard computers. This powerful resource is available free to use for current faculty, staff, and students of the University.

For more details, visit the HPC's official website.

The MANA High-Performance Computing system.

MANA HPC - UH Datacenter.

CyberCANOE classroom and labs

UH Hilo Data Science has access to two CyberCANOEs. Each Cyber-enabled Collaboration, Analysis, Navigation, and Observation Environment Lab is configured for research and collaborative in-classroom and distance instruction. These labs are located in the UH Hilo Edwin Mookini Library and the Computer Science department at College Hall 5.

The CyberCANOE together with SAGE2 software offers a robust web-enabled platform for collaborative research and synchronous learning from multiple locations. Recently, UH Hilo CyberCANOE systems have been used as a platform to provide instruction in the fields of Data Science, Data Visualization Digital Media, and Finance between UH Hilo, HCC Palamanui in Kona, UH Manoa, academic institutions in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines.

See the CyberCANOE and SAGE2 in action.

To reserve the CyberCANOE for your class, projects, or research, please contact Francis Cristobal at frcristo@hawaii.edu.

Picture of the CyberCANOE lab at the Mookini Library.
Picture of the CyberCANOE lab at College Hall 5.

Mookini Library

College Hall 5

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