Why study Data Science at UH Hilo?

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Affordable Tuition
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Dedicated Faculty
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Undergraduate Research Experiences
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Small Class Sizes
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Experience Real-World Data Collection

The UH Hilo data science program teaches students cutting-edge analytical tools that enable them to solve challenging real-world problems using data. After completing our program, you will have the skills necessary to analyze large and complex datasets and communicate your insights in order to directly impact society. The data science skills you will learn are in high demand: in the next decade, data scientists will be needed in fields such as technology, computer science, biology, marine science, ecology, health sciences, astronomy, and business.

After developing a solid foundation in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and data analysis, our program allows you to pursue your passion by specializing training in one of our tracks:

  • Astronomy Track
  • Business Track
  • Computational Track
  • Statistics Track

You'll have opportunities to gain hands-on experience and work with professionals on applied projects to improve your skill set and help you kickstart your exciting career after graduating.

We currently offer both a Bachelor of Science in Data Science degree (starting Fall 2024), and a Certificate in Data Science.
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